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Training Seminars

WILD offers training and spiritual leadership development. We teach on Biblical worldview through simple, culturally transferable training materials. The goal of this training is to promote vision, personal growth, and community. (more…)

Original Material

We teach a Biblical understanding of leadership by showing how God develops leaders. Our materials teach what God desires for leaders in a systematic way. We use Bible characters to clarify these principles from Scripture. (more…)

National Trainers

When someone learns the spiritual and leadership material, Biblical worldview and mentoring, they can become a national trainer. They also earn a Certificate of Accomplishment. (more…)

Titus Emails

Titus Emails connect us to our trainers. In fact, they train the trainers. We know that spiritual leadership is not just a seminar, it is a journey. Titus Emails enable us to travel that journey with our leaders. (more…)

Youth Invites

Our Youth Invites consist of Youth Camp Conferences. These conferences are designed to build relationships between leaders and young people. We hope that these relationships will provide discipleship opportunities. (more…)

Youth Ministry Training

Youth Ministry Training raises up the next generation for Christ. We lead the way in this mission with our original materials. These materials can be used by either a pastor or a volunteer. This feature gives us a broader field to work.

Women’s Spiritual Leadership

Women’s Spiritual Leadership is an important aspect of our ministry. We are committed to helping women fulfill their Biblical role in the church. Women identify their spiritual gifts and we teach them how to use them.


Traveling to another culture is a wonderful experience. It can also be intimidating if you go on your own. That is why we offer mission trips with the support of our native contacts. (more…)


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