Founder and Director of  Wild Leadership

Mike Prom

WILD (Wise, Intentional Leadership Development) Founder and Director Mike Prom is married to Ann since June 27, 1981. They have three children, two of whom are married and four grandchildren. Mike began with Headwaters Christian Youth (HCY) on July 15, 1981, and has been with HCY since, becoming the Executive Director in May 1983. Both ministries are interdenominational.

In the early 1990’s, the foundation of WILD began to take shape through training local teenagers and volunteers in the area of leadership development. Utilizing Bible studies, teachings from audio and video training, conferences, mentoring and seeking out established Christian leaders, Mike developed material to teach HCY volunteers and youth along with youth from other United States locations. During the 90’s and 2001, Mike traveled to Africa three times. These three experiences gave Mike insight on working with the African young people and clearly saw the need to train the young and the established leaders in spiritual leadership.

During the Fall of 2001, Mike experienced a three-month sabbatical during the time, he felt God leading him to teach leadership in Africa. With the encouragement of Ann and his pastor, he followed God’s leading. The WILD Spiritual Leadership material and Biblical Worldview Training WILD uses today was developed by Mike after that sabbatical In 2004, Mike made the first of many trips to Africa and Asia sharing the WILD material, which today is being taught and distributed in over 15 countries by nationals in ten of those countries.

Mike’s employment and ministry opportunities involve being the Executive Director of HCY, serving Junior High and High School teenagers in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. At the same time, Mike is Director of WILD. In March 2010, WILD became a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization and is internationally based in Rhinelander. Some of his accomplishments in HCY and WILD include:

– Hired and worked with ten staff members throughout that time, almost all of them raising support for the first time. Oversaw the development of a satellite ministry 100 miles from here and their eventual establishment of an independent work.

– Since September 1999 have devoted more than 5000 hours to personal leadership development (reading, videos, audio tapes, and being mentored). Developed student leadership teams for HCY including Student Leadership Camps and Cutting Edge (teen ministry leadership team during the school year) for the past ten years.

– Have trained over 100 adults in youth ministry during the past ten years. This has been primarily a nine-month course meeting once a month. Developed own curriculum.

– Have an annual base of fifty or more volunteers to oversee.

– Have worked with the local Junior High as football coach of the seventh or eighth-grade team for the past seventeen years.

– Have worked one on one with at-risk students and abuse victims, counseling and being an emotional support…

– Involved with Youth Evangelism Association which is a national fellowship of youth organizations to which HCY belonged to for 28 years.

– Served on the Board of Directors of YEA for fourteen and a half years in capacities of the secretary, treasurer, and president. Also served on YEA’s Bible Quiz Committee for sixteen years, fourteen of those as Chairman and in charge of the annual National Tournament. Worked with YEA in developing a Teen Talent Search to run in conjunction with the National Quiz Tournament. Also, lead planned and executed a National Leadership and Evangelism Week for YEA.

– Was personally coached for five years on the aspects of leadership

and have coached more than fifteen people one-on-one.

As for Mission trips, Mike has taken teenagers and adults to Ecuador (5 trips) and Mexico (4). Teenagers, interns, and adults have also accompanied Mike on several of the African and Asian trips which include trips to Liberia (3), Malawi, Namibia (4), Nepal (4) Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda (7), Zambia (11) and Zimbabwe (2).

Educationally Mike graduated from Cedar Grove-Belgium, Wisconsin, High School in 1977 and received a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Psychology Major from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 1981. After many years Mike returned to the academic world and received his Masters’ Degree in Global Leadership from Crown College, St. Bonifacius, Minnesota in May 2015.

Additional training includes

– Instructor (2012) in The Truth Project

– Instructor (2012) in The Five Languages of Appreciation in the


– Instructor (2000) in Youthbuilders (formerly National Institute of

Youth Ministry)

– Cadre International Ministries(2004)

– Church Dynamics Leadership (1999),

– John Maxwell Seminars

– Leadership Conference ‘99 (21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)

– Leading Into The 21st Century, 1997

– Leading & Communicating to Change Lives (with Hybels), 1997

– Sonlife Foundations

– Advanced Two, July 1997

– Advanced One, March 1997

– Strategies, May 1991

– Promise Keepers Phoenix Pastors Conference (03), Atlanta (96), Chicago (95), Indianapolis (94) and Colorado (93)

– Youth Specialties Seminars in the early 1980’s

– Moody Bible Institute’s Pastors Conference throughout the 80s & 90s

Personal Mission Statement

My mission in life is to live Jeremiah 9:23-24 (to know Him better every day above everything else) and carry out the passion that God has placed in me. That passion is to teach, train and develop believers to do the ministry to which God has called them and to intentionally develop leaders in the process. For the past 34 years to present, the application of this passion has been with young and old alike, nationally and internationally.

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