Mission Vision Value

Anticipated Outcomes and Reasons for Existence

- More training by regional teams, potentially doubling or tripling the training. Trainers will be developed in both current WILD countries, as well as new countries.

-The Younger generation will get more involved in Kingdom work and become integral parts of their own churches.  WILD envisions Biblically-minded young people impacting their countries for Christ, helping to positively impact the world’s problems (i.e. poverty, education, AIDS).

– Feedback indicates people are using the training and growing spiritually.  Current trainers indicate this initiative is working.  The success of the Young People Initiatives will be shown by the number of people involved and how they use the knowledge being given to them.

– Evaluation after every WILD seminar on the effectiveness of the material and trainer.  Leaders of hosting churches, as well as other leaders involved, are contacted to find out what leadership development has occurred since the seminar and whether the pastor has begun one-on-one mentoring or small group training in leadership.

– Effectiveness and success of training are monitored by increasing involvement of other communities and countries, as well as feedback from participants.

– WILD trainers have understandable, low-cost resources available and are intentionally offering training.  People are growing and developing as a result. Women are getting more involved in the leadership of their churches.  Families are becoming stronger.  Young people are realizing God wants to use them now! They become involved in the infrastructure of their churches. They are able to articulate, defend and live out their faith amidst the rising challenges they face every day.

Our Achievements and major Accomplishments

Some of the achievements of WILD include setting up regional leadership teams in South Central Africa (Zambia), East central Africa, (Uganda) and Asia (Nepal).  These national leadership teams have a regional coordinator who works closely with the International office based here.

Their responsibilities include facilitating the WILD work that goes on in their regions and being the primary trainers and disciples of WILD.  Several cities in Zambia have trainers who are not only teaching their congregations but also are teaching groups in the area.

In January 2011, the WILD team in Nepal presented a two-day women’s spiritual leadership seminar taught completely by Nepalis. Put together in April 2010, by a group that included five international youth pastors, a former Muslim and Mike Prom, the Biblical worldview material was taught several times in different regions of Africa last year. The locations included a seminary, a pastors’ conference, and a youth conference.

Three of the five internationals taught at the youth conference where they contextualized the material even further.  It was found to be effective at all levels.  People are using the material produced by WILD and has been translated into several languages.  WILD is being invited to new countries as people find out what WILD offers.

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