Teaching Philosophy

WILD offers training in spiritual leadership and Biblical worldview in every region it visits.  This is accomplished in several ways:– A WILD trainer teaches a seminar over several days. WILD emphasizes that spiritual leadership development is NOT a one event activity.

– One-on-one or small group teaching.  People who receive the material from the WILD trainer are greatly encouraged to share the material with someone else so that the principles and concepts from the Bible become more and more a part of who they are.

– WILD emphasizes the multiplication method of discipleship.  If you are not carrying out the message of Ephesians 4:11-13, you are not equipping the Church body as scripture instructs.

– The nationals are highly encouraged and directed to take the material and make it their own.  Part of internalizing the process of developing as spiritual leaders result in becoming much more effective teachers/mentors for their own community.

The WILD material is discipleship material that helps develop spiritual leaders.  People are using the material to develop others so the 2 Timothy 2:2 principle is being carried out with WILD.

WILD intentionally equips and empowers people from the countries where WILD has established a WILD ministry to train and develop their people whether it is to people in their congregations or to people in surrounding areas.

If the Church is going to have an impact and influence in the respective countries WILD is involved, it does take a grassroots effort to change the culture and ultimately the country.  Key leaders in Zambia, Liberia, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Rwanda and Nepal train leaders with this material.

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WILD has steadily grown in influence and locations in the world over the past ten years. There is total trust in WILD among the international community. Having an infrastructure overseas that is highly indigenous is vital to the development and carrying out the strategies of WILD. Relationship building is key here. A number of national trainers have been mentored and are involved with people in their home areas. In addition to a monthly email sent to international leaders on spiritual leadership, WILD provides teaching and training through the spiritual leadership development material plus a curriculum on Biblical worldview understanding that compares the Biblical worldview in different disciplines with several worldviews.

The materials are offered at little and in most cases no cost so that whoever desires to develop can be given the tools. In addition to offering material tools, WILD does disciple and also provide funds for training opportunities for the nationals. One goal of the regional l leadership teams is to become self-sustaining. In the process to become self-sustaining, WILD has provided seed money for the teams to develop businesses that will become income producing.

Leaders in the countries where WILD is present are taking ownership of WILD’s programs by their involvement in the structure and development. Congregations that have held training seminars repeatedly request WILD to return for more teaching and encourage their pastors/lay leaders to become more involved particularly as trainers. The Vineyard denomination in Zambia had WILD train their pastors in the leadership material at their national conference.

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